• It’s recommended to take a warm shower within 24 hours prior to your session

• Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your first session to fill out or go over your paperwork


• Your therapist will leave the room, at which point you can undress to your comfort level, as you will be completely covered aside from the area being worked on

• Feel free to chat or stay quiet, whatever makes your massage more relaxing for you

Be vocal if you’d like more or less pressure in any given area

• Certain areas may be sore, but the massage should still feel good! If you are in discomfort, please speak up!


• Drink water! Staying hydrated is important

Icing may help relieve soreness, especially if you are not used to massages or haven’t had one in a while

• You may be sore for a day or two, if your soreness is severe or lasts three or more days, the pressure may have been too deep.  Make sure your therapist is aware the next session

Remember, your therapist is a trained professional.

Your session is about therapeutic benefit and stress relief.

Relax, and enjoy!


Please note: any inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.

The session will end immediately and full compensation is expected.

First massage?


No worries, here’s your guide to what to do and expect before, during, and after your massage!



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